Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 73

We love the Sophie Allport chicken range of henny designs and you do too! So, we
have now added some new products such as the notebook, toast rack and jug.
Sophie Allport Mug
These wonderful mugs will brighten
up every cup of tea or coffee and
would make an ideal gift for a hen
keeper or chicken lover. These high
quality and beautifully designed
mugs come in 3 different designs
and various sizes.
Price: from
Sophie Allport A5 Notebook
This quality A5 hardcover Chicken
Notebook contains 72 sheets of plain
white paper and has a handy grey
ribbon marker. It is covered in quirky
Speckled Maran Hens and is perfect for
home, school or office.
Sophie Allport Jug
Made from galvanized steel, this
large Tin Jug is perfect as a flower
vase and adds a touch of decorative
country chic to any kitchen!
Sophie Allport Toast Rack
This lovely chicken toast rack is sage
grey and will hold six slices. It sits
beautifully with the other breakfast
table essentials in the Chicken range.
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