Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 74

Feathers & Beaky Vegetable
No more bored
chickens here!
This robust and
quirky feeder can
be hung up in
your chicken’s
run to hold
vegetables or
treats, keeping
them off the
ground to
Chicken Swing
Our ever popular Chicken Swing – a
coop is not complete without one!
Why not spoil your hens, this isn’t just
a perch it is an actual activity!
Price: £24.99 (including postage)
Chicken Gym – cock a
hoop and hurdle
Why not keep your girls fit and
healthy by setting
them the
challenge of the
NEW Hoop &
Hurdle Chicken
Gym by Feathers &
Beaky?! It's a fun
way to give your
girls exercise – for
their bodies and
Chicken Treat Pack
Everyone deserves a treat once in a while,
and your retired ladies are no exception.
So, once they’ve eaten their crumble and
pellets (to ensure good health), we know
they’ll enjoy tucking into some of these
nutritious nibbles, supplied in a handy jute
bag to fit nicely under the Christmas tree.
(including postage)
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