Chicken & Egg Issue 11 - page 9

Ensuring good veterinary care
We re-home around 45-50,000 hens
each year and ensuring they have good
veterinary care has been a key goal,
which brings me nicely to our
announcement that:
The British Hen Welfare Trust has been
chosen by the British Veterinary Nurses
Association (BVNA) as their Charity of
the Year for 2016.
And we are
The BVNA is a three day congress with 70
lectures, nine workshops and thousands
of vet nurses from all over the world who
will be there to learn about the latest pet
news, views and treatments. Being
chosen as the Charity of the Year gives
us the opportunity to reach more
people, through vet surgeries and
enthusiastic vet nurses who have yet to
learn about the joys of hen keeping,
ex-bats especially. We will be attending
the Congress in October 2015 and 2016,
in association with
Chicken Vet
whom we have been working for a
number of years. Throughout the year
BVNA members will be fundraising and
learning about the British Hen Welfare
Trust and we hope this translates into
more hen homes, better education and
better vet care for our beloved feathery
friends. I’m particularly thrilled with this
recognition by the BVNA, good homes
are the first step, the next is ensuring
veterinary support so our hens can lead
happy, healthy free range lives.
Educating Consumers
The third step is education, education,
education. With limited resources our
growth has been focussed on
mainstream education across the age
spectrum and it’s slowly working. Take
Kirsty Ranson as a fabulous example of
how low key education works
effectively. Kirsty lives in Nottinghamshire
and has been visiting Hen Central on
annual hols with her parents and
brother, Simon, since she was 10.
Kirsty is now a beautiful young lady,
studying to become a vet. In her spare
time Kirsty raises money for our hens
through cake and egg sales, and she
multi tasks naturally because whilst
fundraising, she educates too. In her
own words:
“When I first found out about the BHWT, I
can remember there not being much
recognition around my area. Now, 5
years later and after many cake and
egg sales to the neighbours, many more
people are aware and supporting the
charity, and I know that awareness will
keep growing and growing until you
reach the 8,000,000,000th hen milestone
(maybe a bit ambitious? Hahaha!).”
Well Kirsty may be a little ambitious with
her target of 8 billion … but Kirsty, if
you’re reading this, when I’m ready to
drop off my perch I’ll be happy to hand
over the banner, so please keep in
Kirsty Ranson
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