Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 18-19

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Exceedingly good
egg Mr Kipling?
We don’t think so!
Mr Kipling has gone back on his word; in 2009 he announced to the nation that
he was only using free range eggs in his cakes and fancies.
Great we all thought,
what a Good Egg Mr Kipling is - something he himself pronounced in the
TV campaign that accompanied his policy shift. And then in 2012 he changed his
mind, forgot the promise to his customers and started sourcing barn eggs instead.
We even had to remind Mr Kipling that he shouldn’t be claiming to use only free range
eggs, which he still was on his website, whilst using barn eggs in his fancies.
Hmm, not impressed Mr Kipling.
So we rallied our hen friendlies (that’s you) and reinstated our feather campaign,
sending Mr Kipling feathers from your hens, politely requesting he think again and
stick to his original promise. Our campaign is under way, The Times picked it up
in January and we encouraged Paul Hollywood, who launched a blue-eyed, bake
perfect campaign with Mr Kipling, to knead Mr K into submission if necessary.
Mr Kipling changed the lives of millions of laying hens; to simply sweep that aside
doesn’t make for enjoyable fancies in our view.
If you would like to join our feather campaign, please visit our website at
or call Annette on 01884 860084.
We interviewed discount supermarket, Aldi,
in our Autumn/Winter edition and asked
them what percentage of their cakes and
other cooked products contain only free
range eggs. They told us they do not
actively market products with free range
eggs, but “as a customer-focused
business, if there was a demand for free
range egg usage in products to be
monitored and communicated, we would
review this as a business.”
So, Aldi is open to review, which in turn gives
our supporters the opportunity to encourage
Aldi to increase, and ultimately switch to,
the use of free range eggs in their cooked
product range.
I like to purchase products that use high welfare
ingredients and elect not to purchase products which use
eggs from caged hens so please can we see more of the Aldi
product range using British free range eggs. Thank you.
The cost of a second class stamp, a bit of your time and a discarded feather from one of your
hens could make the difference to tens of thousands of hens, removing them from cages
permanently. Please help us to make that difference.
As you wrote to Mr Kipling, we once again
ask you to write to Aldi on behalf of your
hens to let them know that you would like
to see more products containing British free
range eggs in their processed product range.
You will find a template letter on our website
or you can email
for more information. Why do we ask you
to write rather than email? Because a
communication dropping onto a desk is
tangible and often has more chance of a
positive response. If you don’t have time to
write to Aldi, you can contact them on their
facebook page and we suggest a polite post
along the following lines:
discount Supermarket Aldi
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
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