Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 20-21

“I initially discovered the charity online on the
off chance, and realised what an incredible
cause it is. It amazed me the number of hens
re-homed in just a 10 year span, and being a
chicken owner myself I felt as though I had
to lend a helping hand.”
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
We love all our Good Eggs because
they’re, well, good eggs! Here’s just a few
that are doing great things for our girls:
So far, Ollie has attended re-homing days
and started fundraising by setting up an
eBay account so he can donate all proceeds
to the BHWT. Like we said, Ollie’s a good
egg and we wish him the very best of luck
with the challenge he’s set for himself.
Sammy and Richard Jackson
Thank you to the Sammy and Richard Jackson who kindly made the BHWT their Charity of
the Year at their IT support company. Sammy and Richard have always loved chickens, but
Sammy feared she would never have any as she doesn’t live on a farm or smallholding. Until
one day in September 2014 she found some long-legged, skinny hens dumped down a lane.
Before Sammy had a chance to do anything the fox paid a visit, but she found one tiny, wet
hen cowering in the undergrowth. She was called Chook Chook by Richard, and before long
Chook Chook had a lovely big coop built for her, but Sammy wasn’t finished, and her
comment will resonate with many of you:
“Chook Chook was super happy, but we felt she was lonely so we went out and bought 3
hybrid friends and that’s really where it all started. We then went and got another 3, then we
had 7 thinking that was enough, but just like any other chicken mad person reading this you
can never have enough chickens”, they are so addictive! So then we rescued our first 4
ex-bats and that was the best thing we ever did. “
The rest as they say, is history!
Ollie Rant
Ollie started volunteering for the BHWT in October 2015 quite simply
because he wanted to help hens. He’s undertaking his Gold Duke of
Edinburgh Award, which will include volunteering, physical activities,
learning new life skills, a half marathon, oh and volunteering!
Sammy & Richard’s ‘Egg House’
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