Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 30-31

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
12. What do you think of the work of the
British Hen Welfare Trust?
I cannot praise the BHWT highly enough
for all that you do. The fact that you have
given so many hens loving homes is
incredible. The Allen family will always be
proud supporters of your hard work!
8. How do you manage the inevitable
frustrations of injury?
It’s always tough but with experience you
learn that it’s a small price to play for a
privileged career. I’m also very lucky to
have such a supportive family when it does
9. What’s your favourite way to relax
between matches?
Aside from chilling out with my family and
pets I love to watch movies and tv shows...
ideal when you’re on the road.
10. What was it like to represent Team
GB in the Olympics?
It was a huge honour, I have grown up
watching the Olympics so to be a part of it
was incredible, especially with the home
support. An unforgettable experience, just
a shame we couldn’t get into the medals.
11. As an athlete, do you have to eat a
special diet? Do eggs figure in it and
do you have a favourite egg dish?
Protein is important to any athlete so always
having fresh eggs available is ideal for me.
I make a mean omelette!
Joe’s son, Archie, making friends
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