Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 32-33

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
1) We love the simplicity of your strap
line ‘Bring out the best.’ What, in your
view, makes Hellmann’s ‘the best’, in a
competitive market of copycat brands
and own label?
Hellmann’s has an unmistakable taste and texture
which our consumers love, and we’ve been using the
best quality ingredients since our creation in a New
York Deli.
2) Tell us a little about your decision to
switch to free range eggs.
Hellmann’s has a longstanding commitment to
sustainability and doing business responsibly. For
us, good products are not just tasty but help sustain
a healthy diet in an environmentally-friendly
manner. That is why we only work with high
quality ingredients such as free range eggs and are
constantly looking for new ways of reducing the
impact our products have on the environment.
3) Does Hellmann’s use free range eggs
globally or just in the UK?
Unilever is committed globally to using cage free
eggs. In the UK and Europe the preferred cage free
option is free range and therefore in the UK and
Europe we only use free range eggs in our
mayonnaise. In other regions barn eggs are the
popular cage free option.
4) What does being part of a giant
company like Unilever mean for a brand
like Hellmann’s?
Being one of Unilever’s biggest food brands makes
us very proud – if only Richard Hellmann could
see how far his New York Deli creation has come
in just over 100years! But with that comes a lot of
responsibility to ensure that we continue to build
the brand sustainably for the future and continue to
give our consumers reasons to buy Hellmann’s over
other brands.
5) What would you say is the key
consumer health trend for 2016. E.g. Low
fat? Low calorie?
There is definitely a trend of consumers looking for
products which offer many benefits, such as being
low fat but also more natural. We try to meet the
emerging needs of our consumers through
continuing to innovate with new products, and last
year launched Hellmann’s with Olive Oil*, tapping
into the trend of consumers looking for balance,
through its tasty blend of good fats.
6) We read on your website that
‘sustainability is a priority for Hellmann’s.’
What does this mean in reality?
Unilever, and Hellmann’s, are committed to doing
business responsibly and reducing our impact on
the environment. For us, this means sourcing our
ingredients in a responsible way, and continuing to
look for ways to make our products healthier.
7) What do you think of the work of the
British HenWelfare Trust?
We greatly respect the work that the British Hen
Welfare Trust are doing as they too promote the
use of free range eggs, and encourage consumers
to make informed choices, and we are happy to
support them in getting the word out there to our
fans on social media. @hellmanns
8) What more do you think the British
HenWelfare Trust could do to promote
free range eggs and support British egg
Working in partnership with brands who have
similar values will help the BHWT to promote the
use of free range eggs and British egg farmers.
9) And finally, I would love to know a
little more about you and ask a couple
of personal questions if I may. Are you a
hen-lover and would you ever consider
keeping hens as pets?
I would love to! I love all types of animals, and it is
a dream of mine to one day have a farm somewhere
in the countryside!
10) . And what is your favourite egg dish?!
You can’t beat a good bit of egg mayo!
*This dressing is high in monounsaturated fat. Replacing
saturated fat with unsaturated fat in the diet contributes
to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
Enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
We ask the questions
The first dollop of Hellmann’s mayonnaise was made by Richard Hellmann
in 1903 using his wife’s recipe. It’s the mayo that we all have in our fridge, and
we thought it would be good to interview one of industry’s ‘good eggs’ about
their free range egg policy. We spoke to Senior Brand Manager, Kyrie
Merryman, and this is what she told us:
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