Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 36-37

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Special thanks to Wendy Turner who runs
the Cosy Coop Chicken Boarding house at
Wish End Farm in East Sussex and frequents
the local monthly Farmers Market selling her
free range wares!
Wendy and her Cosy Coop supporters raised
£75 at their Free Range Friday with guests
enjoying cakes, a raffle, and ‘pin the wattle
on the cockerel’! Wendy is already planning
her next event to help more c-lucky ladies.
Free Range
A big thank you to Frankie Lawrence and
her flock of hen loving friends for holding a
fun-filled Chicken Run inspired film evening,
where guests arrived dressed in hen/egg
costumes (one friend arrived as Humpty
Whilst some friends baked quiches and
cakes, others brought supermarket items
where free range eggs are listed amongst
the ingredients. Frankie also wrote her
own chicken quiz consisting of a dozen
questions, so all in all Frankie had a cosy,
crazy evening and raised a whopping
£170.00 for the hens. We can’t thank her
Lacey Allen also features with her footballer
husband, Joe, in our spring Celebrity sCoop.
Lacey has raised a whopping £360 by
holding three Free Range Friday’s, selling her
scrumptious henny cupcakes to friends and
A big thank you to Lacey from everyone at
the BHWT!
Russ Annis baked this very intricate
cockerel cake for a friend’s 60th birthday, to
be shared amongst 24 guests, raising £170!
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