Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 46-47

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Spring’s here! No excuses , it’s time to get outside, give everything
the once over and spruce up here and there. And to help we’ve put
together a selection of ideas to put the spring back into your chickens:
and for all that hard work making your hens happy
- some treats for you too
Funky Feeder
For those who like design and function,
these funky feeders from Feathers &
Beaky are perfect, combining anti-slip
design and adjustable height legs
making it the ultimate chicken feeder
Add a splash of colour
This brightly coloured drinker will
brighten up any hen coop. Pink and
green available too
Perk up your girls
Revitaliser from Global Herbs is a
general purpose liquid supplement
and tonic for hens that may be under
the weather and in need of a
Looks lovely and smells
Dengie Fresh Bed for chickens is a
popular chopped straw bedding with
added pine oil to give your girls
something to snuggle into 100ltr
Stylish and useful
Perfect for the smaller flock holding
12 eggs
Time for tea?
Who wouldn’t want one of these mugs
from Sophie Allport? Ideal for enjoying
a cup of tea after all that hard work
Big, bold Rooster tea towel
Designed by Leslie Gerry, this bold
design will brighten any kitchen.
Bags of fun
One of our most popular bags with
loveable cartoon chickens
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