Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 50-51

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Red mite can live in an empty coop for 6
months without feeding, so before
introducing new hens to your coop spring
clean thoroughly. Red mites are tiny (0.4mm);
they start off grey in colour and turn red after
feeding on blood. Use a pesticide made up
to manufacturer’s instructions to clean all
cracks and wood joints (Poultry Shield is a
good product to use), and use a scrubbing
brush to get into the corners, under perches
and any small space a red mite can hide. A
blunt knife run down any joints will also kill
off a few, and using diatomaceous earth in
the nesting boxes and on your hens should
provide a belt and braces solution. Early
action will prevent a bigger problem later,
and to check if you have red mite simply
place a small piece of old towel in the nest
Red mite - the pesky visitor
we could do without
With the days getting warmer and lighter we should be looking at our
coops with a critical eye to ensure that red mites don’t get a foot hold.
Having over-wintered in the nooks and crannies these pests will emerge
hungry and see your hens as an easy target.
box or corner of the coop – red mite will be
easily spotted in the morning, after a night’s
feasting, if present.
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