Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 54-55

Alison is employed by Chicken Vet and
developed a sound knowledge and wide
experience of poultry having grown up on a
farm. Alison studied vet nursing with interest
in working with cattle, sheep, pigs and
horses, and especially poultry. She enjoyed
a short spell working at the Donkey
Sanctuary, and running the Devon Branch
of the BVNA, and then progressed to
Animal Health Officer at DEFRA (now AHVLA)
gaining experience in challenging situations
including working with Swine Fever, Foot
and Mouth Disease and Newcastle disease.
However, Alison always aspired to work
with poultry, and took up a role with Lloyd
Maunder Ltd, a broiler producing company
in Devon, managing 45 sites across the south
west producing chickens for the main
supermarkets. Alison loved being involved
with the hatchery and feed mill, having
veterinary input and showing visitors
around the units. She also spent time in the
slaughter-house checking reject levels and
sorting production problems, drawing on
knowledge gained from her farming back-
ground, vet nursing and DEFRA.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
A profession
in poultry?
In 2009 Alison joined St David’s Poultry
Team as Field Services Manager and is
now involved directly within the poultry
industry, as well of course as pet chickens
and other avian species including the game
bird industry. Field work in this context refers
to specialist advice on bird management,
vaccination, post-mortems, taking diagnostic
samples, parasite control and understanding
products in relation to poultry.
Aside from commercial farms Alison is
well placed to manage Chicken Vet having
kept, bred and shown poultry from a young
age. Chicken Vet caters for the pet chicken
keeper, incorporating a wealth of information
on all things chicken and as well as a shop
selling treatments and preparations to suit
the pet chicken. Alison teaches chicken
husbandry and has been directly involved
in developing CPD courses for vets and vet
nurses as well as running courses outside
of her day job for interested groups and
Alison is the first to acknowledge that
Veterinary Nursing is a valuable base point
from which to start working with livestock,
and admits that she is one of those lucky
people who actually can’t wait to go and do
a day’s work.
In celebration of our status as Charity of the Year for the British
Veterinary Nursing Association we thought it would be nice to focus on job
opportunities within the profession. As well as aiming for the top job of
practising vet, there are roles such as practice manager (admin based);
kennel staff and nursing auxiliaries (general animal care); vet nursing of
course, and more specialist disciplines such as physiotherapists and theatre
nurse roles. Alison Colville-Hyde from Chicken Vet is a good example of
someone whose passion for poultry has developed into a fascinating and
fulfilling role. Here’s how she did it:
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