Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 56-57

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken Chat
Your Letters
Hi, this is Ginger, she was adopted from Kings
Lynn last autumn. She grew her feathers
back rapidly once she’d settled in and is now
rather pleased with her appearance as you
can see from the pose she adopted for the
attached photograph. In her spare time
Ginger likes digging, shouting, eating
cucumbers and breaking into our kitchen!
We hope you like her picture.
Best regards, Jon and Elaine, Norfolk
Hen Description:
Myrtle likes flying out
of her bedroom every morning, nibbling
the lawn and running after flies flapping
her wings.
Favourite food:
corn on the cob.
Favourite colour:
grass green.
Favourite holiday destination:
my kitchen.
Favourite friend
Plum Hen.
Best wishes, Catherine Orr, Suffolk
We love your chicken chat and funny photos,
here’s just a tiny fraction of the tales we’ve heard recently:
My Girls like hanging out under the apple
tree because they know it makes them look
so pretty. Their main aim for much of the
day is spent trying to get in the back door
to where the peas, grapes and curly kale is
kept. They are unbearable nosy and like to
be fully involved in all family activities.
They have recently added to their repertoire
by flattening themselves and wriggling
under the garden gate as soon as they hear
my car coming. They then proceed to bustle
around the driver’s door just in case I’m
carrying some handy edibles.
Love my hens! Victoria Leigh, Cornwall
A dust bath after enjoying melon makes for
a dirty comb as Prunella found out!
We first acquired 4 hens including Prunella
last September from Camelford. For 28 years
prior to that we had kept afghan hounds,
but decided after losing our last one that
we would not have any more dogs as we
both work full time. However we found life
without any pet unbearable, and after a little
research thought that rescuing hens would
provide them with freedom, and us with less
demanding companions. Little did we realise
at that time what wonderful characters they
are, and how much fun we would have with
I am not sure who gets the most benefits -
they are so happy in their new environment,
with different adventures each day, but we
have enjoyed immensely watching them
progress from shy and nervous creatures
into confident, beautiful girls with amazing
personalities who love any form of
interaction with us humans. We can’t imagine
life without them now.
Thank you for all the fun we have had with
our new extended family.
Kind regards, Debbie Morris-Kirby
And Heidi Carneau sent this pic to confirm:
Breastfeeding in public draws a crowd!
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