Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 64-65

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Over 84% of you rated Chicken & Egg as
‘eggcellent’ or ‘good’, with 49% reading it
cover to cover, 50% flicking through and just
1% ditching it. Three-quarters of you kindly
share the magazine with family and friends,
5% of you pass it to the local vet surgery
(thank you), 2% to the library (a lovely idea)
and 19% ticked ‘other’ but didn’t tell us where
that was, but it’s not the bin!
We had a mixed reaction to our question
regarding introducing a small charge for the
magazine. Whilst around half of you would
prefer to receive it free of charge, the other
half indicated that they would be willing to
contribute towards our costs, suggesting
between £1 to £3 per copy. One idea that
regularly featured in your feedback was
a subscription to the magazine, and we
thought this was an excellent idea.
As a result of our Hensus findings we
discussed the merits of subscription.
We concluded that whilst Chicken & Egg
provides an excellent opportunity to
promote our gorgeous hens, their welfare
and the merits of free range - and therefore
has great value - we do not want to make
a ‘profit’ from the magazine per se, but we
do want to make sure that as much of our
income as possible is used directly to help
So our next step was to look at current
costings and we calculate that a £5 annual
subscription to include all three issues
(Spring/Summer/Autumn & Winter) will
cover our outgoings. Therefore, with effect
from our next edition we will now invite you
to select how you would like to receive
Chicken & Egg in the future (via email or
post). Before making your selection, however,
I would like to put the case forward for asking
you to continue receiving a printed version:
We get a lot of feedback on Chicken & Egg,
it’s always very positive and encouraging, and
really nice to hear, so we seem to be hitting
the spot when it comes to spreading the
word about the loveliness of our hens. We
also know that when you’re sitting around
in a doctor’s surgery, dentist’s waiting room,
or the vets it can be quite an unusual and
interesting read to help pass the time. We
know that plenty of copies disappear from
the country stores we supply, and that there
is a great deal of potential in reaching more
people, and therefore re-homing more hens.
So, for £5 each year, I would be so grateful to
supporters for continuing to receive Chicken
& Egg by post. This will enable us to cover
our costs, and to maximize the opportunity
to help more hens by you kindly donating
your copy to another reader, and potential
re-homer, once you have finished with it.
Our magazine
Your kindness
In our Hensus 2014 we asked you some questions
about Chicken & Egg and this is what you told us:
Here are the options for you:
£5 Annual subscription for posted copy - simply visit our website
to set up a direct debit or phone us on 01884 860084.
Free copy by email – simply visit our website and sign up.
Most of all, whatever you decide, thank you for supporting our magazine, and keep
your lovely stories coming.
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