Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 6-7

The lucky winner of our River Cottage competition was Tanya Gillet from Bideford who is
incredibly excited about attending the Cakes & Sweet Pastry course and will be taking along
her lucky mum.
Sandra Banks, from Colchester, was the winner of our two lovely Sophie Allport mugs.
Winners of our five Feather & Beaky veggie holders and ten bales of Dengie bedding have
now all received their prizes.
Find the Golden Egg in this issue and be in with a chance of winning £40 worth of kitchen
goodies. Send your entry by email to
or by post to: Competitions,
British Hen Welfare Trust, Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, SOUTH MOLTON, Devon EX36 4RF.
The competition closes on 30th April 2016.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Those of you who keep an eye on our news through social media and our monthly
e-bulletin, Fresh Laid News, will have heard of Lucy Gavaghan. Lucy is a 14 year
old campaigner for chickens, and in February she started a petition asking people
to support her call for Tesco to sell only free range eggs. Within a matter of days
Lucy had the support of over 80,000 people all wanting Tesco to ditch their caged
and barn eggs in favour of free range, and the list of names is still growing.
Lucy became interested in hens a few
years ago when she met a flock in a
livery yard where her sister kept her
pony, Willow. She researched the
wider treatment of hens, and when
she learnt about cage and barn eggs
Lucy wrote to supermarkets and
politicians about the issue.
She got her first rescue caged hens
Mildred, Skye and Hazel and 3
ex-barn hens, Sylvia, Fern and Indie
from Phoenix in Sheffield and told us
that keeping hens and campaigning
is now a big part of her life.
Lucy reminds me of the early days
when I also campaigned through
letter writing and I hope that her
passion for hens continues to
develop, and reap results.
One to watch!
Green Light
for Grass
Egg Boxes
Waitrose has taken the concept of going
green a step further than most supermarkets
with its Duchy Organic range, founded by
Prince Charles, which uses a mix of rye grass
and paper for its egg boxes. Waitrose now
hopes to extend the idea of green packaging
to other products, hoping to save over 400
tons of wood and recycled paper each year.
The expression “as sure as eggs is eggs”
is widely agreed to be a corruption of
the logic statement “as sure as x is x”.
How else can we account for the odd
use of the singular verb “is” rather
than a correct plural?
Did you
Find the Golden Egg
& CompetitionWinners
Country Chuckles by Johnny Hawkins
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