Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 8-9

Yes, on Saturday, 23rd January 2016 the
charity re-homed its half a millionth hen to
Julie Elliott, who came to collect four hens
with her daughter, Rosie and young friend,
Blake. Sitting in the queue of cars already
waiting to adopt their feathered pets, Julie
wound down her window and told us how
excited she was to be collecting more
ex-bats. The smile on her face, however,
wasn’t half as big as the smile when she
realised that she had been lucky enough
to adopt Dee. Julie’s jaw dropped, Rosie
looked a little bemused and Dee behaved
with impeccable decorum nestling in the
arms of West Midlands Co-ordinator, Ian
How did we select Dee from a flock of 1,100
that came out on Saturday? Well let’s face it,
it would have been rather silly to count hens
and feathers all day (and what if we’d lost
count?), but we knew that Dee was within
the flock, and the lovely volunteers at Team
West Midlands selected a hen that was
especially deserving with her pretty blond
flecks and quiet temperament. Dee, of
course, represents any one of the hens that
we saved from slaughter that day with the
kind support of the farmers we work with,
and each and every hen would have been a
worthy candidate – let’s remember that.
Julie told us the next day just how she felt
about adopting Dee:
“Yesterday was certainly a day to remember
for Rosie and I. The children were thrilled
with being little stars for the day and the
moment that you told me that we were the
lucky recipients, all I could think was this
is like something out of one of Rosie’s
storybooks and I can’t believe this is
happening to us!!! Right up to the moment
that you presented Dee to us, I honestly
didn’t see it coming, I was just so looking
forward to getting our new girls.”
When asked how Dee was settling in, Julie
told us: “Dee is fascinated with the grass
which remains green despite her keen
scratching, pecking and rootling for any
interesting titbits – there is a lot to be
discovered! Oh and Dee has an incredible
appetite, she doesn’t stop eating!”
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
After all the build-up - and the final count down - Dee laid
her last egg for the British egg industry, and settled down into
a British Hen Welfare Trust poultry crate, ready to start her
journey in the back of our Happy Hen van to a new life.
It’s all about
Dee with West Midlands Co-ordinator,
Ian Farrar, Julie & Rosie Elliott and Jane Howorth
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