Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 10-11

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
The kind corporate partners who support
our work were incredibly generous in their
donations, and Dee went home with a huge
assortment of all things chicken including a
brand new chic chicken house from Omlet, a
year’s supply of feed courtesy of The Small-
holder Range; big bales of Fresh Bed from
Dengie, treats, toys and security fencing
from our other kind sponsors. Our friends at
Pets At Home donated vouchers, Chicken
Vet provided supplements and treatments,
and it all goes to show that Dee really will be
a very spoilt hen!
Special thanks, too, to Ian & Mollie and their
wonderful team of volunteers. We gave
them so little time, and we asked for such
a bright and balloon-filled day, and they
delivered spectacularly!! We ate cake, drank
champagne and cooed over Dee, and her
friends. What’s that song called? Oh yes,
Perfect Day. It was.
Supporter, David Cox, commissioned a special cake to celebrate Dee’s arrival
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