Chicken and Egg Issue 12 - page 14-15

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Finally, with the aim of increasing the
number of hens we help, we have written
about how vet nurses can help to promote
the benefits of keeping ex-commercial hens.
These articles are supported by posters and
leaflets which are winging their way into vet
surgeries as I write so more people can learn
about our work, and more hens can find
A Hands on Approach
We are inviting vet nurses from all over
the country, who are interested in learning
more about the charity, to attend a local hen
collection so they can see first hand what we
do, and what general care is needed for our
girls. We will leave it to the girls to charm the
nurses ...
Raising Funds
You will be hearing more as the year goes on
about Sam Morgan, BVNA President, who is
organising a skydive in June near Swansea.
If anyone feels they would also like to fly
through the air for hens, please get in touch
with Xiomara Pattison on 01884 860084,
she’ll be only too happy to help you take the
Other hen-loving vet nurses have also
stepped forward to fundraise and hold Free
Range Fridays on our behalf too.
Finally we will be attending the BVNA
Congress in October to close our tenure as
Charity of the Year, and we are really looking
forward to being there!
It’s all for the girls.
Mending a broken wing
Splinting a leg
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