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When hens
need help
Over 98% of the hens we put up for adoption are fit and healthy,
and we never knowingly re-home a poorly hen, but there comes a time
when a hen may need vet intervention, as with all pets, and good veterinary
support is increasingly important to our lovely re-homers who consider
their hens family pets.
As Chicken Vet continue to offer poultry courses to vets across the country, we have worked
with them to produce a list of associated veterinary practices offering reassurance to anyone
who needs vet care for a bird. We recently invited you to tell us about your chicken-friendly
vet, and you will find some of your feedback on page 52. We hope you will agree it’s
encouraging that poultry is being given appropriate consideration, by some vets at least.
It’s good to see our poultry register is growing and as well as Chicken Vet associate practices,
we list non-associate practices, too, which have been recommended by our supporters.
The register can also been seen in bi-monthly editions of Your Chickens magazine.
You can meet some of your nominated chicken-friendly vets on page 52.
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