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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
I was joined by my darling sister, Ann, who
has helped on many an early farm start;
my good friend and current charity Trustee,
Lynn Hart, who has provided guidance
and support through the charity’s highs
and lows; and my trusty, dedicated and
hardworking colleague and friend, Gaynor
Davies, who most of you will know as our
Head of Operations or through ‘Gaynor’s
Tips’ on Facebook.
Poultry to
… with one feather in my cap, and two in my bra! Yes as rumour has already
announced on social media, two feathers from my beloved Patsy and Cassie
accompanied me to Buckingham Palace in May for the Investiture Ceremony!
Let’s just say it was my way of taking the girls with me, close to my heart!
We were driven to The Palace courtesy of
Dame Stephanie Shirley, IT pioneer,
businesswoman and philanthropist, who
also happens to be the lady that Lynn works
for. It was Dame Stephanie’s gift for the day
and it definitely added panache to arrive in
such a special car. As we waited to go into
The Palace grounds tourists were excitedly
trying to see if there was anyone important
in the car with one-way glass; they didn’t
realise that we were far more excited
watching them watching us!
Left to right: Ann Osborne, Jane Howorth, Lynn Hart and Gaynor Davies
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