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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
The BHWT Egg Club
We now have 44 Egg Clubs around the country, and since we started over £12,000 has been
raised which is directly helping more hens on their way to life beyond an egg farm.
Abby Gregory has been supporting the British Hen Welfare Trust since 2012, and first
chanced upon a house which sold free range eggs outside. The lovely lady that lived there
offered to show Abby her flock and her passion for hens was sparked!
Abby collects and sells 100-150 eggs weekly from her local free range farm making a little
profit on each transaction which comes into the charity. It’s such a clever idea!
The hens you adopt have the time of their lives with you and your family. Please consider
setting up an Egg Club to help more hens, just like yours, to enjoy the same freedoms and
privileges. Get in touch with
if you would like more
information. Egg Clubbers get an exclusive sticker too!
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