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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Sophie Allport
We thought it might be fun to ask a few chicken-loving celebrities to describe a dozen
of their poultry preferences… In this edition we talk to designer-to-die-for Sophie Allport
whose gorgeous range of household items – including her much-adored chicken range
- brings joy to many homes across the UK and are a firm favourite in the BHWT shop!
Sophie lives with her husband and 3 sons in Lincolnshire.
1: We simply LOVE your chicken themed
mugs and fabrics. Tell us how your hens
inspire your work?
Chickens are so quirky – they all have such
individual characters and I find them very
entertaining. They’re lovely to watch. There’s
something quite soothing about the ‘cluck,
clucking’ noises they make and of course
everyone loves the fresh eggs they produce!
Having moved to the countryside in 2009 from
London I was suddenly surrounded by nature
and friends started to keep their own chickens.
I don’t have my own yet but spend lots of time
with friends that do!
2. You don’t keep your own chickens – yet,
so what inspired your chicken collection?
My great friend Pippa, who works at Sophie
Allport, has the hens that inspired me to design
the chicken collection. We get regular updates
in the office! She has Legbars, Marans and
Clarence Court. The first chicken mug I
designed was our ‘Lay a little egg for me’ which
features Speckled Marans, Sussex Hens and
some rather unusual blue and buff Orpingtons.
They were all chickens of friends of mine. The
fabric collection followed with inspiration taken
from the Speckled Maran – I just loved the
colours of them. It quickly became our
best-selling collection.
3: Your chicken collection is really popular,
do you have plans to extend the range?
We are launching some lovely new Spoon
Rests and Egg Plates in the Autumn so your
egg and soldiers can all be on the same plate.
We have also just launched a new Roller Hand
Towel which is quickly becoming a best seller.
There are some new chicken designs and
products in the pipeline for Spring 2017 so
watch this space!
4: Keeping hens – wishful thinking or
counting down the days to when you fill the
We eat eggs for breakfast everyday and my
boys are always hounding me to get our own
chickens. We have recently moved house so
are still trying to organise ourselves and the
DIY but I’m sure we will get some soon. I would
definitely ensure the boys helped with the
feeding and cleaning etc.
5. Hen housing – good wood or plastic
I would definitely go wood.
6: Your garden – will it be hen-free or
I’d love them to roam free but I’m not sure if my
Labrador would allow that?!
7: Favourite eggy brekkie – full English or
dainty egg soldiers?
It has to be a dippy egg from one of our egg
cups with buttered soldiers and some salt and
pepper on the side. We all love the blue Legbar
eggs at home.
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