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8: The British Hen Welfare Trust— mother
hen or cock of the roost?
I think the BHWT is a wonderful organisation.
You do a great job of educating the public but
also improving the life of thousands of hens
through their national network of centres and
9: British farmers – good eggs or bad eggs?
I definitely support British farmers. Coming from
rural Lincolnshire lots of my friends farm or
come from a farming family background.
10. Guilty pleasure - Creme egg or fried
Definitely a fried egg! When I have time I love
to cook and bake cakes with my boys. A family
favourite is toad in the hole (with Lincolnshire
sausages) and chocolate brownies for pudding!
I’m probably more of a savoury person but I do
love dark chocolate!
11. ‘Brood and coop management’ – what
is your secret to being a busy mother and
successful business owner?
Being a good mum is the most important job
to me and it’s always hard to strike the perfect
work-life balance. I think the secret is to have
a supportive network of friends and family. I’m
lucky to have help from my own Mother and
other family and friends when I’m really busy.
I do end up working evenings and weekends
to make sure I’m there for the nativity play or
the cricket match but that’s what’s great about
running your own business. I can work the hours
that suits me. I do feel like I am constantly
juggling lots of eggs in the air and occasionally
the odd few get dropped!
12. Finally – which kind of hen most closely
reflects your personality – ‘Cheeky Chook’
or ‘Crafty Chick’??!
I think it would have to be a cheeky, crafty and
creative chick!
13. Baker’s Dozen: The charity operates two
re-homing centres in Lincolnshire. Would
you consider giving some BHWT ex-bats a
happy home?
When we have a coop and pen set up at home
I’d definitely consider rehoming!
/ 01778 5602560
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
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