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Harvester - Good
We’re sure you will be familiar with Harvester, a household-name,
family-friendly UK restaurant chain with over 230 sites from Perth to
Portsmouth serving up a whopping 30 million meals each year.
We were delighted to find out that they use free range shell eggs
in their menus so we spoke to Harvester’s Marketing Manager,
Laura Walker, to find out more…
1. We notice you specify free range
eggs on your breakfast menus which
we applaud. What is Harvester’s overall
egg policy?
Thank you, we are very proud
of the egg dishes on our menu. Our shell
on egg policy is to always use free range.
They are the best and most delicious so of
course we want to give that to our guests.
2. When did Harvester decide to switch
to free range eggs and what drove this
- was it a corporate policy decision or
based on consumer research?
We wanted to ensure that our guests were
getting great quality, delicious eggs and
we knew that moving to free range would
ensure we were always eggsellent!
3. Roughly howmany free range eggs
does Harvester use each year?
currently serve our guests over 6.5 million
free range shell on eggs every year, that’s
a whole lot of eggs!
4. How do you work with farmers to
source eggs for your restaurants?
Harvester take great care to ensure
we only source shell on eggs from
pre-approved suppliers with the highest
technical standards that can offer the best
quality eggs at the right price 52 weeks of
the year. All shell on eggs are purchased
from approved suppliers, with whom we
have full written contractual agreements.
They are audited on a regular basis by
the British Retail Consortium. All our shell
on egg suppliers hold Certificates of
Conformity to show they meet the Codes
of Practice required to supply free range
British Lion Quality Eggs.
5. Some restaurants would claim that
using free range eggs is too expensive
in order to offer customers great value
for money. How does Harvester manage
to do this and stay competitive?
have a great procurement team who work
really hard to make sure that we can use
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