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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
We say yes!
great quality ingredients whilst still pricing
them fairly on our menus, so it’s a big well
done to that team for managing to get
free range eggs for us.
6. You have made the switch to a free
range egg policy. How important do you
think welfare is to your customers?
think that welfare is very important to our
guests, as it is to us. It’s become a national
issue and we are a brand that is at the heart
of the nation. As a responsible company,
Mitchells & Butlers regard the welfare of
livestock as a matter of utmost importance.
Our animal welfare policy is applicable to all
suppliers of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, dairy,
eggs and fish. As part of our Procurement
Policy we require all suppliers of meat
and poultry products to procure material
produced from livestock reared in
accordance with the Five Freedoms, as
developed by the Farm Animal Welfare
7. Your website states that ‘All Harvester
meals are freshly prepared.’ With healthy
eating being at the forefront of the news,
how can Harvester help consumers make
better food choices?
Our salad bar is
definitely a huge encouragement for our
guests to include healthy choices when
they dine with us. We use fresh ingredients
that are cooked to order to ensure the best
tasting dishes possible. Our kids menu also
has a choice of sides, which we won a Soil
Association award for in 2015, ensuring that
parents can help their kids make healthy
8. We’ve heard all about Harvester’s
infamous salad bar! Is it really free and
unlimited? Howmany times do people go
back for more?!
Yes, it’s true! Every guest,
including kids, all get to go to the salad bar
as often as they like! On average guests
go at least twice. At breakfast it becomes
a breakfast bar with pancakes, cereal,
yoghurt and more that comes free with
every cooked breakfast or egg dish.
It’s so good!
9. We like your advertising line
‘Harvester: There’s a fresh thought.’
What fresh ideas can we look forward
to from Harvester over the next year?
We have some great new twists and
flavours that we will be adding to the food
and drinks menu in the coming months,
as well as fresh new design to Harvester
which will be coming soon.
10. What do you think of the British
HenWelfare Trust’s efforts to promote
free range eggs and support British
egg farmers?
We love the BHWT here
at Harvester, we think the work you do
at re-homing the lovely laying ladies is
fantastic and we are looking forward to
working with you and supporting that work
in the future.
11. And finally, I would love to know a
little more about you and ask a couple
of personal questions if I may. What is
your favourite egg dish?
I love the
Avacado Brunch Egg Special that we have
on the menu, it’s avocado and tomato
salsa topped with two perfectly poached
free-range eggs, served on a toasted
breakfast muffin. So gooooooooood!
12. Are you a hen-lover and would you
ever consider keeping hens as pets?!
I do have 3 ex-battery hens myself. Ethel,
Henrietta and Marjory are all living the free
range life of luxury now. The eggs they
lay are amazing! I’d recommend keeping
chickens to anyone, they are so much fun
and have such lovely personalities.
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