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36 Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Evie’s Girls
As many of you will know, when time allows I love to reply to the
fabulous photos you send of your hens … simply because it gives
me such pleasure to see them enjoying themselves and to read the
warmth of your stories.
I recently responded to some gorgeous
pics sent by Sarah Walker of her daughter,
Evie, with her hens. Sarah told me that the
family was touched by the immeasurable
enjoyment the hens brought to the
Walker family and added:
“The main reason
we adopted these hens was to teach our
children that respect and love for other
living things are vital to their health and
well-being. I think these photos sum that up
perfectly and that we’ve achieved our goal!”
I wholeheartedly agreed, and thanked Sarah
and Evie for giving their hens the time of their
lives. A fewweeks later Sarah wrote again to
tell me what Evie, aged just 5, had been up
to since adopting her new feathered friends:
“Evie asked if she could phone the farmer
who kept the hens to have a chat with him.
I suggested Evie write a letter instead which
she spent most of her Sunday doing at her
desk. Whilst Evie didn’t perhaps
comprehend the complexities of the ‘supply
and demand’ issue, the letter to the farmer
made me burst with pride. Evie clearly
cared about her hens very much.”
Next Evie decided she wanted to help the
BHWT and Sarah suggested they could sell
the eggs and send the money to the charity
to help more hens. Evie loved this idea and
announced the egg boxes would need to be
pink! Sarah and Evie designed the packaging
together. Sarah told me:
“Evie counts the
money in her ‘chicken jar’ most days and
always says “we are going to save so many
hens with this!”
Evie has just donated £50
from her egg club - a huge amount in her
little world!
Sarah’s son, James (age 3), also loves the
chickens and sits with them for hours,
chatting to them:
“He named his Pippa
(after Evie’s best friend whom he is
apparently in awe of!) and Mrs Lovelyhugs
and when I asked why he chose that name,
James said “because when she has
feathers she will give me lovely hugs!”
When Sarah first suggested getting some
ex-bat hens, her husband agreed she could
have three; when she saw them for the first
time she instantly wanted to help more as
they looked so vulnerable. Sarah’s husband,
Sam, who apparently isn’t ‘affected’ by things
like this, quietly said to the man handing out
the hens: “actually, can we take eight?” The
idea of saving them from slaughter obviously
got to him too! So, also in the Walker family
flock are Victoria Peckham, Heidi, Henrietta
Peck, Ruby the little red hen, Mademoiselle
Maria and Mary Poopins.
I love the Walker family’s story; it’s so
heartwarming and positive. The hens were
lucky enough to be given a second chance
in life, Evie and her brother have the
opportunity to learn about food, and caring
for fellow creatures, Sarah and Sam get to
enjoy the experience of hen keeping as a
family, as well as the delicious eggs that Evie
doesn’t sell from time to time!
I think its official, Evie Walker is our youngest
fundraiser! Keep up the good work Evie,
you’re doing a great job of looking after your
hens, and helping other hens at the same
time. We’re very proud of you at the BHWT.
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