Chicken and Egg - page 46

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
All in order Egg box labels
If your girls are producing more eggs
than you knowwhat to do with, make
sure you’ve got them all dated using
these handy labels.
Welcome ladies, welcome
The ‘Thank You For Adopting Me’ Bundle
- £18.80 (including P&P)
If you’re picking up some lovely ladies
this summer make sure you’re all
stocked up and ready to give them the
best retirement possible with this great
bundle. Includes crumble, pellets and
mixed corn.
Global Herbs Egg Plus 500g
Help your hens retain their health by
adding a few natural supplements into
their diet. Egg Plus is great for enhancing
the colour and shape of your girls’ yolks.
Just when you thought they couldn’t get
any better!
Pretty and practical
Sophie Allport everyday bag
Take this gorgeous chicken-print bag with
you on every outing this summer. Whether
it’s to the gym, going shopping or lunch with
friends the neutral colours make it suitable
for every occasion.
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