Chicken and Egg - page 47

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Everything in moderation…
Nature’s Grub Popcorn Treat
Give your lovely ladies a little treat with this
tasty popcorn, available in garlic or fruit.
We’re sure they’ll henjoy it! Line up ladies!
‘Cottage Garden’ Trough Feeder
Brighten up your coop with one of these
brightly coloured feeders, which are great
for a small flock of up to six hens.
Available in pink, green or blue. It’s no yolk.
Tea and toast
Sophie Allport Toast Rack - £10
This cute little toast rack from Sophie
Allport is just too gorgeous to not have
in your kitchen! It’s sage grey, matching
her other chicken homeware products,
and holds six slices of toast – perfect
for your weekend breakfast!
Eggstra storage
Egg skelter
If your girls are working overtime
laying lots of delicious eggs for you,
then what better way to store them
than in this beautiful blue egg
skelter?! It’s available in seven
colours, including gold which is
exclusive to the BHWT.
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