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Wow – did we have a good time at the Palace and being there to receive
an MBE for services to hen welfare made me tingle from top to toe.
You can read a little more about the unforgettable day inside.
Aside from the pomp and ceremony at Buckingham Palace we get down to business as usual
with the spotlight turning onto free range egg production; we want to have confidence in the
welfare that lies behind the eggs we eat and we try to unscramble the facts.
National restaurant chain, Harvester, use free range eggs in their food production and we’re
delighted to interview them about their welfare credentials and why the free range message
is so important to them.
We have a super competition giving you the chance to win £250 worth of Sophie Allport
kitchenware (who doesn’t drool over Sophie Allport kitchenware?!) and follow up with an
interviewwith the lady herself.
Our list of chicken-friendly vets steadily grows and we highlight those recommended by
you as caring and kind to hens. We have a lovely update on our special 500,000th hen, Dee,
showcase a handful of spoilt hens, pat some wonderful fundraisers on the back and offer a
selection of light eggy recipes ideal for summer.
And we announce the arrival of something special later this year; you’ll find all the facts on page 64.
I hope you enjoy our magazine.
Jane Howorth
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
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