Chicken and Egg - page 51

Bumble foot normally starts out with a small
hard black spot or raised rough patch on the
bottom of the foot. In extreme cases all the
toes and even the lower part of the leg can
blow up like a balloon. The cause is usually a
small puncture wound or cut from the rough
edge of a perch or an accidental landing on
a sharp stone.
The condition doesn’t seem to be painful,
but this can vary from hen to hen with some
hens going lame. The tissue becomes
inflamed, pockets of hard pus build up and
often the only way to resolve the condition
is with surgery. However, some hens can
improve with antibiotic therapy and soaking
the feet in Epsom Salts. Simple exercise can
also help over a period of time.
Does your hen look as if she is
wearing over-sized carpet slippers?
If so she might have Bumble foot.
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