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Lian Allen nominated her
vet, Richard Rice-Grubb,
of Willow Veterinary Surgery
in Newport Pagnell.
“My usual vet was on maternity leave
and I could not find another vet in
Northampton who would treat chickens
when my newly acquired ‘Gravy’ was
poorly with a swollen crop. I was lucky
enough to find Mr Rice-Grubb half an
hour away. He was brilliant, the way
he handled ‘Gravy’ was lovely; he was
very knowledgeable and, after other
treatments failed, did a minor surgical
procedure to remove a blockage from
her crop. I visited twice more prior to
the final visit to have ‘Gravy’s’ sutures
removed and also spoke to the vet on
the phone. For all this I was charged £60;
the practice charges chickens as a ‘small
child’s pet’ similar to a rabbit or guinea
pig which keeps the price down.
Mr Rice-Grubb impressed me with his
sensitivity and told me treatment
options, what was involved from the
hen’s perspective and the chances of
success so I could make an informed
decision. ‘Gravy’ is now fully recovered, and a
very happy chicken even though she is still a
bit tatty! Regards, Lian Allen”
Monica Damoah highly
recommends Celine La
at Coastway Vets
in Brighton.
“Celine has treated our beautiful girls for
the last few years and been a wonderfully,
innovative and empathetic person towards
them all. I have sadly lost two recently due,
largely, to egg peritonitis with complications,
but Celine tried her utmost to keep my hens
happy and healthy for as long as possible
with forward-thinking methods. I would
recommend Celine to anyone who is in
need of all animal, poultry and exotic animal
care. Regards, Monica Damoah”
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