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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Julie Brown has praise for
Graham Pursey
of Medivet
Faringdon, Oxfordshire.
“Graham has a small practice in Faringdon
and is definitely a chicken-friendly vet.
Graham, his head nurse, practice manager
and receptionist all have chickens - some
of which are from BHWT and their staff pet
board has lovely photos of their pet chickens!
Graham is not only good at ‘fixing’ hens when
they are poorly but he also promotes healthy
husbandry. Advice on feeding, worming,
mites etc is all available, and a pet chicken
has the same consultation time as a cat or
dog. The staff seem to be as pleased to see
a chicken in the waiting room as a cute dog
or cat! Graham is a good all round vet, but
his genuine affection for chickens and their
quirky behaviour is evident. Julie, owner of
very happy BHWT girls, Agnes and Camilla”
Marcella Palmer, our
original charity vet,
in Devon
and draws clients that value her
poultry knowledge from all over the south
west. Marcella routinely sees pure breeds
and ex-commercial birds and deals with egg
peritonitis, sour and impacted crops,
prolapses, injuries, bumble foot and
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