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Hazel Derbyshire
recommends Gillian Hasberry
at Medivet in Oady.
Hazel told us: “They are not specialist
poultry vets, but have always treated our
girlies with professionalism and compassion.
Gillian recently treated Tilly (ex-bat) for an
infection and she has made a full recovery.
Sometimes, they have to be put to sleep,
but she does it very ‘sensitively’.
The reception/nursing staff are also
excellent. Whenever, I have phoned needing
an urgent appointment, they have always
given me a same day appointment. When an
elderly hen needed to be PTS, they told us to
come straight round. Hazel”
Miriam Hopkinson-Roe
recommends Pennine Vets in
Tottington, Bury, Lancashire.
Miriam recently took her poorly chicken,
Enid, and the advice and treatment was
sensible and respectful. The vet had
adopted ex-bat hens himself so was
knowledgeable and professional, and in
Miriam’s own words: “It’s wonderful to find a
vet who’s comfortable with chickens. Some
vets I’ve contacted say “we don’t do exotics”,
I didn’t realise chickens were exotic!!” Best
wishes, Miriam
Christina Lines, told us
about Charlotte French
at Wood Green:
“Charlotte French has enthusiastically taken
on the veterinary care of our chickens in
order to provide onsite care. Usually dealing
with small animals from mice to dogs,
Charlotte has completed a lot of CPD
(Continuing Professional Development) and
dedicated her own time to developing her
knowledge to ensure our chickens get the
best treatment. We have been working with
the British Hen Welfare Trust for a few years
now and she has been a massive part of
this journey. Kind regards, Christina”
Our Oxfordshire
Co-ordinator, Lucia Singer,
recommends Larkmead vets
who take chicken care seriously. According
to Lucia: “Ginny and John in particular are
very good; both of them keep chickens, both
treat chickens as pets with lives as valuable
as other pets, and both seem really good
vets prepared to spend extra time thinking
about how best to help your chicken. And,
I’ve just looked on their website and see that
they have a page on backyard chickens, and
on their ‘where to purchase chickens’ page,
ex-commercial birds come first!”
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