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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Lynda Smith adopted her
hens from Haslingden in
Lancashire and told us:
“Here I am enjoying a little quality time
with Hetty Hen and Annabelle the cat,
who are best friends forever! Annabelle
also shares the garden with our two other
girls, Ambrosia and Amelia. She doesn’t
realise she is a cat, but thinks she is a hen
and loves dust bathing with the girls!”
Haidy Mansfield also
enjoyed the recent sunshine
with Margot, and told us:
Our three girls have settled in very
nicely, are laying and their feathers are
really flourishing after just 5 weeks. I love
them and have turned into a clucky mum,
their new home will be under construction
soon with lots more perches, roosts, hidey
holes, dust baths and of course sun
bathing spots! Margot is having a little
cuddle in the photo and we bathed quite
happily for a good while - until Barbara
and Jerry hopped up too!!
And finally Mark Wain sent us this fab
photo of ‘Barb’ who is 6yrs old and still
laying, with his 21yr old daughter, Megan,
who loves her dearly.
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