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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
We stumbled across a new term recently
which we simply had to share with you.
Hands up who’s heard of “biodynamic eggs”?
No, us neither.
In a recent episode of their new series,
Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley,
Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley were seen
buying biodynamic eggs from Ellie
Woodcock of Brambletye Farm in Sussex,
which produces Orchard Eggs.
Orchard Eggs practices biodynamic
agriculture, claiming to follow high welfare
standards and providing a balanced, natural
environment. On its website the firm says it
keeps small flocks of chickens in moveable
houses throughout 60 acres of “biodynamic
orchard” on which the hens are allowed to
roam freely which, of course, we love to hear!
Orchard Eggs says it rears the birds from day
one without the use of antibiotics and they
are fed a 100% organic grain which Daniel
Hoeberichts, Manager of Orchard Eggs, told
the MailOnline is planted according to the
“astrological calendar”.
The eggs are certified by the Biodynamic
Association Certification Scheme which
follows standards set down by Demeter -
the trademark for products of certified
biodynamic production.
So there you have it – biodynamic eggs!
As long as the hens are happy and free
range then it sounds great to us.
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