Chicken and Egg - page 61

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
A BIG well done to Julie and Rosie Elliott,
proud adopters of our 500,000th hen Dee, who have
raised £100 by completing a mini mud run to raise
funds to save more clucky ladies this year.
As for Dee who started off as the shyest girl in the flock, always last out of the coop and the
first to tuck herself in at night, well she’s blossomed! Beautifully glossy feathers, ruby red
comb and confidence are now the norm. Dee races out of her coop, has a best pal in
Willomena, loves to dig and scratch, explores the children’s play equipment just in case there
are any tasty leftover treats, and is generally living the high life as our half a millionth hen!
Oh and she loves being stroked … and pampered ... and being part of the Elliot family!
As Rosie says “She is the world’s most important and famous hen!”
And we agree.
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