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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Before I introduce myself let me start with a confession – I’ve stolen
this page from Jane! We all know by now that she’s not completely au fait
with social media, so I’ve taken over – but don’t tell her. My name’s Fran and
I’m the new Communicatons and Marketing Officer here at the BHWT.
One of my first jobs was setting up the charity’s brand new Instagram page
so I thought what better time to shout about that, and all the other fantastic
things we’ve had flooding our social media platforms lately. Below are just
some of the things which you’ve been talking about most.
What’s New?
This hilarious photo of
Primrose really caught
everyone’s attention when
we posted it on Facebook
and asked for more
confessionals! It was “liked”
by more than 600 people,
was shared 57 times and
22 people shared their own
photos of their cheeky girls
getting up to no good!
By Fran Taffs
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