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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Continuing in that vein, we thought 2016
would also be the perfect time to launch
something a little eggstra special which will
help transform the charity – the world’s first
British Hen Welfare Day!
As some of you may already know, we are
looking to build our first flagship re-homing
and education centre at Hen Central in North
Devon. But to do that we need the help of
our wonderful supporters. So, our first ever
British Hen Welfare Day will be the launch of
our fundraising appeal and we really would
love you to get involved!
On Friday, 23rd September we want to ask
something big of you. We know you’re likely
to be busy, and you probably won’t want to
do it but - from the bottom of our heart - we
are pleading with you to help. We would like
you to join us in … eating cake!
That’s right – from feather-light sponges to
chunky chocolate cake, sumptuous muffins
to silky cheesecakes – we want you to bake,
buy, borrow or beg to get your hands on
some tasty treats which you can share with
your friends.
This year has already seen the charity achieve some truly
wonderful things. We re-homed our 500,000th hen,
saw our founder Jane pick up her MBE and have continued to
make strides in improving the lives of commercial hens.
Friday 23rd September
by Fran Taffs
We will all be getting involved here at Hen
Central (where there will also be an
uneggspected surprise to be revealed on
the day) but we don’t want this to be all
about us. We hope that our supporters and
volunteers up and down the country will
join us by holding a Free Range Friday and
inviting their friends and family to eat cake
in exchange for a donation towards our new
So whether it’s inside or out, hot or cold and
whether you’ve got 50 people attending or
five, bake the cakes, boil the kettle and get
We have everything you need to get started
so please get in touch and request a free
pack containing stickers, posters, invites,
balloons and all the information you’ll need.
Support the first ever
British HenWelfare Day
and together we can help
make hens happier.
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