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In the last issue of Chicken & Egg we let you know about our new subscription option if
you’d like to continue receiving the magazine by post. A number of you have kindly subscribed
to receive your three copies per year at a cost of just £5, so thank you, but we know there are
still many of you who would like to keep receiving a hard copy and have not yet subscribed.
We are not looking to make a profit from the magazine – we just want to cover our costs so we
can use as much of our income as possible to help more hens. So please do give some thought
to becoming a subscriber, and make sure you donate your copy to another reader once you’re
finished with it! You never know, the next reader might become a re-homer and save even
more hens from slaughter.
To subscribe, visit our website shop or phone us on 01884 860084
And Finally
Hen-hen was adopted three years ago by Steve Baldwin from Kirkcaldy in Fife, she enjoys
the good life but has since been sadly blinded by a stoat. Being a typical ex-bat, Hen-hen did
not allow her loss of eyesight to get in her way and together with the rest of Steve’s flock, she
happily continues to scratch around the garden, and enjoys adventures such as croc
wrestling as you can see. Steve does, however, have to ensure Hen-hen is safely tucked up
in the greenhouse each night as she has a tendency to roost in some odd places, bless her.
It’s amazing how Hen-hen has adapted to being blinded as Steve told us: “It shows how
intelligent these birds are; Hen-Hen requires a great deal of looking after now, but she is her
own self and enjoying her retirement to the full.”
Just what we like to hear.
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