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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
e your eggs?
ed? unscrambling the eggs on your toast
So what does it matter that our
egg box doesn’t tell us more
about where the hens live?
The difference between a traditional free
range hen house and a multi-tier hen house
is important to the farmers who take pride
in offering their hens the best in commercial
lifestyle, and they are increasingly unhappy
that consumers cannot easily identify ‘real’
free range eggs.
We agree, and think consumers would like to
know the quality of life the hen has enjoyed,
and we’d like to see the industry address the
growing segmentation within the free range
sector in a positive way, keeping it simple at
the same time.
Barn eggs
Of course there is the barn hen who lives in
a huge barn and whilst she can freely move
around within the barn, she cannot at any
time venture outdoors. The barn egg in the
UK is very poorly supported by consumers
representing less than 3% of total egg sales.
The reason for this is uncertain but could
be because consumers generally fall into
two camps – those that want to support free
range egg production and those that don’t
prioritise animal welfare and place value
for money at the top of their wish list when
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