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Greetings from Hamburg
First up is Yvonne Brunotte who lives in
Hamburg. Her love of all things British
combined with her love of hens has seen
her raise well in excess of £500 by holding
a Free Range Friday and a rather innovative
potato auction! Yvonne describes herself
and husband Kim as “aspiring Brits” and
stumbled across the BHWT while visiting
a deli in Sussex which had one of our Free
Range Friday posters displayed. Needless
to say we want to hunt that deli down and
say a huge thank you, for that poster has
led to a wonderful relationship – Yvonne
regularly contacts us with her incredible
photos and ideas, and we could not be more
grateful for her support.
Yvonne said she instantly signed up to our
newsletter and Free Range Friday fundraiser
after hearing about us adding: “I remember
not just ripping the envelope open with the
rest of the mail, but showing my husband
all the little details (the sticker, the stamp)
and I loved the personal letter, the inspiring
contents and the professionalism about
What amazed us all here at Hen Central
was Yvonne’s creativity and her beautiful
ideas and designs, and we weren’t surprised
to learn she is a trained photographer and
graphic designer with a Masters Degree in
British Literature, History of Arts, Museum
Management and Journalism.
Yvonne told us: “Two things have been
central themes for me since childhood:
my almost extreme love for animals and
my heart beating British.”
“It is only very recently that I’ve finally
managed to find a way to do what I’ve
always wanted to do, but obviously wasn’t
able to put my finger on: to dedicate my
time and my talents to animals in need and
to do something that makes sense to me
and that I consider to be right and true and
What can we say?! Yvonne, we salute you,
and we thank you.
The BHWT is, as the name suggests, a British charity, but did you
know we have wonderful supporters all over the world, from Germany
to California; Austria to New Zealand? This feature celebrates just a
few and showcases the fantastic support they give the charity.
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