Chicken & Egg Issue 14 - page 18

Another of our global supporters comes from Denmark; Tanja Pederson has
provided us with many stunning photos of her chooks, which some of you will
recognise from her posts on social media.
Tanja told us: “I learned about BHWT via Facebook. I follow a lot of groups and sites
on Facebook which have a focus on animal welfare, and especially chickens, as I own
chickens myself.
“I became a supporter as I think it is of utmost importance to support all those who
inform us about how the animals in the industry live, and I think the BHWT is doing
a really great job.”
Tanja said up until a few years ago there was no charity in Denmark doing what the
BHWT does; however an organisation called Free Wings has now been established which
re-homes ex-commercial hens.
And howwonderful it is to know there are individuals like Yvonne and Tanja and organisations
such as Free Wings who care as much about our little feathered friends as we do. We hope
to hear from others who have taken chickens under their wing just as we have.
Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
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