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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Last year’s winners of the BHWT Good Egg Award were eBay extraordinaire,
MeganWhiteman (who incidentally has now raised almost £16,000 - astonishing!)
and Sophie McCoy who not only set up her own re-homing team but has also
raised more than £8,000 for the charity.
This year’s winners continue to amaze us and we are so pleased to
announce the recipients for 2016 as follows: (round of applause please!)
Diane is the founding member of the BHWT’s Egg Club, whereby supporters sell
surplus eggs to raise money to help more hens and it has been an eggstremely
huge success!
Di has a flock of fabulous ex-bats who all lay furiously to help her raise as much as
possible for the BHWT. She started her Egg Club in 2013 to indulge her passion for
hens and, since then, dozens more supporters have started their own clubs too.
We now have 49 Egg Clubbers who between them have raised more than £6,500
- so the idea hatched by Di has turned into something to crow about!
Di has single-handedly raised well in excess of £2,000; she has set up a regular
newsletter for her customers, and sends them thank you cards.
Frankly we think Di is richly deserving of this award.
Diane Slaney
(Pictured opposite)
Derek Eyre
The second wonderful recipient of the
BHWT Good Egg Cup Award is Derek
Eyre. There probably aren’t enough
adjectives to describe how invaluable
he is to the charity; Derek not only gives
his time freely, he transports hens for Essex
and Suffolk teams and regularly gives our
poorly hens a caring home for life. We can’t
recall a time Derek has ever declined to
help us; whatever we ask is met with
“no problem” – a true testament to his
dedication to the cause. Derek, we send
you a huge thank you, you are a chicken
champion in our view!
if you
would like to join our Egg Club.
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