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Get Fit & Fundraise!
Runny Eggs
Runny eggs are just the best – and no, not the eggs you eat – the runny eggs
who run miles and miles and raise lots of money for the BHWT. Just when we
think we’ve seen it all we get another email from someone who has run up a
mountain or completed the Iron Man; equally incredible are those who have run
their first mile, or two or three. So these two pages are dedicated to just a few of
our most wonderful runny eggs, and their stories.
John Melbourne
First up is the incredible John Melbourne,
who ran a whopping 97 miles in May raising
£515 for the BHWT. John finished first in the
field in a time of 21 hours 31 minutes, which
we think is just jaw-droppingly amazing and
we cannot thank him enough for the hard
work, sweat and tears he put in.
All for the girls.
Deborah Thompson
And just look at lovely Deborah Thompson
who ran her first ever 5k for us in June this
year, and raised an amazing £198! Deborah
had only recently taken up running when
she decided to do the 5k, and we couldn’t be
more pleased that she did. Her donation will
help save lots more hens from slaughter.
Joanne Neerghen
BHWT supporter Joanne Neerghen ran the
Bath Half Marathon in March and raised £250
for us – it’s just awesome what supporters
will do for the girls! Joanne told us: “It was a
fantastic day, great atmosphere with great
weather, although running in the sun was
harder than I imagined!” Ice creams at the
finish line next time Joanne!
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