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Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Corporate Interview -
There probably aren’t many places you can go without stumbling across a JD
Wetherspoon pub these days, which is good news for hens as the restaurant
chain uses purely free range eggs in its restaurants. We caught up with James
Robinson, Wetherspoon Head of Food Development, to find out a bit more
about company policy on welfare.
1: When did Wetherspoon make the switch
to free range, and what prompted this policy?
Back in 2007. We felt it was the ‘right thing
to do’. We were selling lots of eggs, mainly
in breakfasts, and figured we could make a
2. Your website states “we only use free range
eggs” – can you go into a bit more detail
about your egg policy and where you source
them from?
Yes of course, we source them from RSPCA
approved egg producers, all free range, Lion
quality and British origin.
3: Do you think animal welfare is important
to your customers? What reaction did you
get when you made the switch to free range?
We had lots of positive feedback from our
customers and we try to listen to what they
are telling us.
4: Roughly how many free range eggs does
Wetherspoon use across its UK branches in
a year and how do you manage to use free
range eggs yet remain competitive?
We will serve over 45 million free range eggs
this year, and there are efficiencies in the way
we distribute the eggs to our pubs and we
can therefore pass these efficiencies on to our
customers with our breakfast prices.
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