Chicken & Egg Issue 14 - page 27

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
5. What do you make of the recent
supermarket pledges to only sell
cage-free eggs?
It is encouraging and definitely a great move!
Although I would say that it seems like a long
time to make the switch. We made the decision
in a meeting and within a couple of months all
of our eggs were free range.
6: What is the most popular eggy dish
on the Wetherspoon menu?
The traditional breakfast – it is a British classic
and our best-selling meal of all, not just at
7: We notice you like to mix up your menu
quite often – what can we look forward to
from Wetherspoon over the coming months?
I could tell you but I would have to kill you! It’s
a highly competitive market out there and you
never knowwho is reading this! So, I would say
the same as I say to my mother – you’ll have
to go into one of our pubs and see on menu
launch day!
8: What do you think of the British Hen
Welfare Trust’s efforts to encourage people
to only eat free range eggs?
This is a great initiative and I applaud the work
of the Trust.
9: It would be great to know a bit more
about you personally – what is your
favourite egg dish to eat at home?
I love to make a classic eggs benedict, at home,
now and then. Although it’s far easier to nip into
one of our pubs to enjoy this dish!
10. Do you currently have hens and, if not,
is it something you would consider?
I would need to speak to my landlord (and
neighbours) about that!
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