Chicken & Egg Issue 14 - page 47

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
Gifts for your girlfriends
(or for you!)
Those dishes won’t dry themselves!
- Cartoon Chicken Tea Towel
Hen-yone for tea? - Sophie
Allport Mugs
We have a range of beautiful
chicken print mugs in various
designs and colours – they’ll
make any cup of tea, coffee
or even eggnog taste so much nicer!
2017, It’s
going to
be a good
one! - BHWT
We get some
truly stunning
photos sent
to Hen Central,
and what better
way to share
them with you
than in our 2017
calendar. A great
stocking filler!
Just because
it’s winter doesn’t
mean you can’t
brighten up your
home! This
cheery chicken
tea towel will
do the trick.
An egg-stra special gift
- Sponsor a Hen
Want to help some hens but don’t
have room to re-home? Or perhaps you know
someone in that situation? Sponsoring a hen
for yourself or a friend/family member makes
a wonderful gift and you’ll get regular updates
about your chosen girl!
£25 -
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