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The ChickenVet:
Practice Scheme
We are very proud of our association with
The Chicken Vet, which was established
in 2010 due to demand from small flock
keepers and pet chicken enthusiasts who
needed more help and advice about
poultry health, well being and disease.
Founded and operated by one of the
leading poultry vets in the UK, St. David’s
Poultry Team, The Chicken Vet caters
for small flock owners and veterinary
practices who see increasing numbers
of pet chicken owners.
The Chicken Vet also offers a range of
products developed by their experienced
poultry vets who have used their
knowledge of products on the commercial
side to adapt them to the small holder.
The Chicken Vet started initially with a
website providing information and advice
as well as a health care pathway for poultry.
However, due to high demand and
geographic considerations, they started
an Associated Practice Scheme. Nowwith
over 100 Associated Practices across the
UK there is bound to be one close by!
Central to this concept are The Chicken
Vet training days (CPD) and once a vet
has attended, their practice is eligible to
join the Associated Practice Scheme which
will be listed on both The Chicken Vet and
BHWT websites so clients can find their
nearest Chicken Vet trained vet. The
Chicken Vet team also direct potential
clients to their nearest Chicken Vet
Associated Practice.
The vet CPD courses were developed due
to the increasing number of chickens being
presented at surgeries and vets having
little experience in the treatment and
diagnosis of chicken diseases.
The course covers chicken husbandry
and management which underpin good
chicken health, and includes a practical
on blood sampling and post mortem
examination. The common diseases in
small flocks are discussed in a practical
manner, based upon presenting signs.
They also pride themselves on giving
good guidance on antimicrobial usage
in small flocks as well as preventative
interventions including vaccinations.
Associated Practices are able to access
direct support through the free advice line,
which enables them to talk to one of the
poultry vets or field service teamwhen
required. The helpline links up clients
with their nearest Chicken Vet Associated
Practice, advantageous for both client and
Associated Practice!
Chicken Vet Associated Practices are
promoted through social media
channels and through the partnership
with the BHWT, who are key drivers in
recommending “chicken friendly” vets. In
addition, The Associated Practices are privy
to discounts on medication and are kept up
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