Chicken & Egg Issue 14 - page 6

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
We all know the human body is a pretty
amazing thing, but did you know not all
wounds heal themselves? Some deep
wounds, such as leg ulcers, remain open and
need expensive collagen dressings to help
them heal.
However, researchers are now looking into
the possibility of developing a much cheaper
alternative – using egg shells! The process
involves sterilising the shells, peeling the
membranes off and crushing them into
The ‘sore’ truth
about eggs
This powder is then turned into a gel type
dressing. It is believed that egg shell
membrane contains the protein needed to
help repair human skin.
Just in case you were still in any doubt about
just how amazing eggs are, they’ve also
proven an effective way to treat itchy insect
bites! Various reports suggest peeling the
membrane from inside an eggshell, placing
it over the sting and letting it dry draws out
the sting and helps reduce any redness.
So there you have it! Eggs truly are incredible.
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