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Meet Myrtle. Just a few months before these photos were taken owner, Fatima, thought
Myrtle was on death’s door after becoming unwell and laying shell-less eggs. However,
instead of giving up on her hen, Fatima called the BHWT Advice Line and was advised by
our vet nurse, Gaynor, to contact her vet about giving Myrtle an implant to stop her laying.
Fatima did just this and within months Myrtle had recovered and began laying again.
According to Fatima: “Myrtle is positively glowing; running around the run at 900 miles an hour
and her new feathers are immaculate. Her comb and wattle are a bright red; she is a new girl!
It’s a far cry from February when every egg came out broken and I held her in my arms
thinking it was her last day on earth. I can’t thank you enough for the kind help and advice.”
Our supporters often rely on the advice of the staff at Hen Central who have developed a
wealth of experience. Hens can encounter health problems just like cats and dogs so it is
important our re-homers know they have somewhere to turn should they have a poorly hen.
If you have a question, a concern or just want to speak with someone who understands the
needs of ex-commercial hens then call 01884 860084 or email your question to
If you can give a small regular monthly gift to help maintain and develop our service, even
better. Any amount would be very welcome; funds raised will be used to fund the activities of
the charity including the Advice Line.
Just visit or use the direct debit form on the previous page to set up your monthly
Advice Line
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