Chicken & Egg Issue 14 - page 64

Chicken & Egg. Welfare and Food Together.
However, something extraordinary
happened one re-homing day in early
July when BHWT volunteer, Tiggy Fuller,
came across a hen which she thought had
sadly died. Tiggy picked the icy cold hen
up and, after being looked over, put her
gently in the corner away from the others.
Tiggy then told us what happened next:
“About 20 mins or so later I walked over
to the bucket, crouched down and put my
hand on her cold little body and thought
how sad it was that she was the only one
Every now and then when we collect a large number
of hens one doesn’t make it. It happens rarely, but it is
something we have to accept...
Tiggy Fuller’s
who didn’t make it. And then I felt a tiny
pulse in her thigh … I took her out of the
bucket, wrapped her in a towel and held her
against my body to warm her up.
“Brenda, our Co-ordinator, made a hot water
bottle and I kept rotating it round her body. I
knew it was a long shot and wondered what
the others were thinking of me holding this
dead chicken!
“After a while I could feel a very slow
irregular heart beat and little tiny twitches
were going on throughout her cold little
body. I made sure I stood in the sun as
much as possible and was huffing on her
comb to try to warm her up. After about
an hour there were little head and feet
movements. I was convinced she was
alive and it wasn’t just nerves twitching”
The hen was given small amounts of
food and water and after three hours was
standing up on her own! Tiggy took the
little hen, now called Miracle, home with
her where she is enjoying her free range
retirement to the full.
These hens have an enormous strength of
character and a determination to live; Tiggy
proved in Miracle’s case that it really is worth
going the extra mile to help them back on
their feet.
Thank you
to all our wonderful carers.
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